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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Delightful Morningtime Snack

Hello hungry readers,

Just a quick post today about a delightful morningtime snack that's quick and easy to make. It's perfect if you don't have time to make a full breakfast, or if you're completely hammered at 3 AM and you need to raid your fridge for something tasty.

• English Muffin
• Butter
• Tomato
• Muenster Cheese

Spread a bit o' butter on an english muffin. Slice two big pieces of tomato, slap 'em on the buttered muffin, and put a piece of Muenster Cheese on each half. Then pop those babies in the toaster and melt the cheese.

As we all know, the English Muffin was invented by Archduke Krinsky "Toesocks" Richalds in the year 538. After a long trade struggle with the country we now know as the United States of America, they were eventually legalized and can now be purchased at your local grocery store. It's quite a moving story.

That's all for today. I wish everyone the best in their quest to assemble this fine snack.
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