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Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Internet, there is a place.

There is a place of happiness. There is a place where dreams come true. There is a place where you can spend very little money and eat a viking sized meal. There is a place that redefines hole-in-the-wall.

There is a place called Chick-N-Coop.

Hidden in the Sunset District of San Francisco, Chick-N-Coop is home to some fantastic food for extremely affordable prices. Pictured above is the meal I had just earlier today. A quarter chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, a roll, a green salad, and a Coca-Cola. When my friendly, smiling cashier rang me up, she informed me that my grand total for this feast was $9.79.


Most of the items are substitutable as well. Instead of mashed potatoes you can get a baked potato with butter, or even mac and cheese. And instead of the Italian salad I had, you have the option of coleslaw, macaroni salad, corn, and many others.

And that's only if you get the chicken meal.

For Chick-N-Coop is also home to real, Hof Brau style corned beef, pastrami, and turkey sandwiches. Or, you can get a heaping plate of any of that without the bread, along with some sides.

Chick-N-Coop also knows that no chicken restaurant would be complete with a bottle of Louisiana Hot Sauce sitting on each table. I put a little on my baked potato a couple of days ago, and in doing so encouraged a tasty orgy within the confines of my mouth. You can also enjoy your meal at Chick-N-Coop with some beer on draft, or any bottled beer.

Get yourself over to Chick-N-Coop the instant you get hungry, internet. It just might be the smartest thing you do all year.


1055 Taraval St
San Francisco, CA 94116
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