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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Salsa & Beer!

If you like Mexican food, then you clearly haven't eaten at Salsa & Beer, because once you have - you will LOVE Mexican food, and I mean you will want to put Mexican food into your car, drive at 120mph over to Vegas, state your vows, and promptly rent a hotel room to seal the deal.

Yes, it's that good. And crazily affordable too. Literally, today I had a huge plate of beans, a beef tamale, rice, and a sprite for $6.00 (and I was FULL). The menu ranges from full combo plates for $3.99 up to your more standard priced $15-20 dishes, but is always filling, no matter what budget you are working with.

One of my favorite things on the menu are the shrimp fajitas. This shrimp is literally better than watching Lando Calrissian punch a Rancor in the face. In close second to the shrimp is the bean dip that is provided gratis with each table. Also, if you order beer for the table, they put it in a bottle that is literally the size of a newborn child stretching out its limbs to the farthest degree.

Basically this restaurant is so good that if Montezuma himself ate here, he would seriously reconsider his whole plot for revenge on Americans and with a tear stained, slobbery face, he would sit everyone in the country down and pay for our meals himself.

Salsa & Beer

6740 White Oak Avenue
Van Nuys, CA 91406-5359

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