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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Mr. Cecil's California Ribs

Since the beginning of time man has had a very close connection to ribs. If you remember, women themselves were even created by God using these delectable morsels, and for a long long time the power of the rib was lost. It seems almost that even God had forgotten the power that the mighty rib once did yield.

But then Man began to use science, language, and technology! Soon we rose above the rest of the animals and began building homes and cars out of metal, instead of building them out of horses and straw, little by little we began to become GODS.

But one thing had been forgotten. The power of the rib. That is until one day, Jonathan Burrows discovered it again and thus created Mr. Cecil's California Ribs. This restaurant captures everything that good soul food stands for. The double fried french fries are to die for, as are the hushpuppies, cornbread, and homemade lemonade.

But the be all end all of this place is simply the baby back ribs. They are out of this world. When you go in, you have to order a full rack, because once you have a bite, you can't stop eating them till it is no longer physically possible. They say nectar is the food of the gods, but that's a lie. Ribs are. There is a choice between two homemade barbecue sauces, one spicy, one sweet. Both are incredible, and anyone with a sane mind will alternate with every bite - but as they say on the menu; You gotta try them with out the sauce first.

My only gripe with the menu is that they don't offer collard greens. I think that that is odd. But I'm sure that they had a reason for not including them, just as God did not create giant worms with bat wings; There is always a reason.

At the last supper one might think that Jesus was sad because he knew he was going to be betrayed, but the real reason is because he knew he would never live to try these ribs; but now that they exist, I would not be surprised if he makes his trip back sooner than planned.

Eat at Mr. Cecil's.

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs, West Los Angeles
12244 West Pico Boulevard, Los Angeles, California 90064
telephone: 310.442.1550 fax: 310.442.1552

Mr. Cecil’s California Ribs, Sherman Oaks
13625 Ventura Boulevard, Sherman Oaks, California 91423
telephone: 818.905.8400 fax: 818.905.7657

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